Wine With Ja

"I started my business in 2017 as a vlog on youtube @winewithja and my purest passion was to retire opening a wine bar. I wanted my vlog to become profitable so I decided to open my @ winewithja vlog to a LIVE RECORDING Audience which sparked me to sell my own homemade Craft Wine and it literally just took over my life !

I push myself to be happy in whatever I'm working on, have fun, and making a lot of money! My biggest struggle with my business is moving as fast as everyday life does and focusing on the things that make me passionate. Also making wine and not getting caught up in the business aspect of it or the realities of life.

My biggest accomplishments were all the incredible people I met along with all the money I made. All of the opportunities I encountered along the way by just saying" HI I'm @winewithja 👋 I make my own homemade Craft Wine!"

The best advice I would give to someone Is aspiring to be a wine owner or maker Have a lot of patience, meet a lot of people, and save a lot of money."


Wine With JA LLC

Jessica Hearns

Winery Club /Blogger/Wine Bar Owner


FB/IG/Google/ youtube : @#winewithja

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