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This weeks feature is none other than the queen of edibles herself, Ms. Ashley. When it comes to having all the skills required to make amazing edibles she has it. Not only does she already have experience in culinary arts, but she used those to be as creative as she can with her business. Ever had THC Dunkoroos? U*R Highnezz Treats and Sips has it all!

Now of course one of the biggest questions is, Why Edibles? Hear is what Ashley had to say:

"Why edibles?

Smoking weed is cool but for some smelling like a lite blunt isn't the ideal. So mixing everyday snacks and food items with weed eliminates the smell while delivering an intense high that smoking just can not replicate in a single dose.

Combining my knowledge of baking and weed worked out to be a great side hustle that I am currently expanding. I have a complete menu that consists of infused snacks to homemade pastries, candies and drinks. I've even managed to make cough syrup and THC pills. Being in an industry where everyone typically makes the same treats, it's hard to stick out. Experimenting has caused a creative spark within. But even with the spark challenges still appear, including marketing issues and federal regulations that prevent me from reaching a broader audience. Posting on social media has its limitations, even though cannabis/weed is legal in 36 states. Certain words such as crud are grounds for being flagged for drug activity, which results in my page being banned/blocked from posting for 30+ days. I'm also the only hands on deck so keeping well stock has always been an issue as well as having too much stock that does not sell. At times making edibles can be extremely stressful since I attempt to multitask multiple items at once. But once everything is packaged and labeled I get the feeling of satisfaction. Being able to create improved and new items is always on the to do list; researching methods and ingredients on tincture, butter, oil, and concentrates is homework that I enjoy.

The only thing we have in this world is our name! I've always been ‘the’ high friend, so my name was already associated with weed. Since I’ve always been the high friend everyone always came to me to smoke then it got to the point where nobody wanted to go to work smelling like weed. So we needed an alternative. Around that time is when I had my first edible, and like most rookies I assumed it was weak so ate 3 more. It was the most intense highs I had ever experienced. After receiving some free butter and experimenting, I fell in love with the process. Getting people high is exciting, especially when it comes to my product."

With such a great work ethic and unbelievably tasty treats you're guaranteed to be satisfied and stoned. Like so many others I myself have used THC and CBD products to help treat something. Whether its for a headache, helping stabilize mood swings, or just to relax and mellow me out after a long day it can be very helpful. THC is a natural way to help relieve pain and stress. In recent years the legalization of marijuana has made it more accessible to people who need it. We need to break the stigma that marijuana is bad and embraced all of the benefits. Now we have companies like 'U*R Highnezz Treats and Sips' that provide more options and being able to obtain that good feeling without the smoke filled eyes and smell.

If you want to show support like, share, comment, or purchase some of those bomb ass edibles.

Who am I?

"Im Ash(ley) and I created an edible business named U*R Highnezz Treats and Sips (You Are Highnezz, my version of royalty). I specialize in potent drinks and treats. My love for the high life and working as a pastry chef for two years collided and created an incredible opportunity for me to build my own business and wealth."

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