"My business was established March 2021"

"My passion for Esthetics drove me to pursues a career in it. Ever since I was a kid I always was the go to girl for skincare advice and I wanted to make a positive impact on others by educating them on the importance of personal health and upkeep.

Being in this career means a lot to me. I’ve dedicated most of my life to becoming an esthetician. I’m happy that I can fulfill my purpose of making others become confident within themselves. I’ve always enjoyed servicing others. the perfect career that’s allowed me to do so while pursuing my passion at the same time is something I am truly grateful for.

My biggest struggle was trying to find balance with working a 9-5 and finding the funds to help me get through school at the time. My biggest accomplishment was getting myself through school, launching a business and having great clients who supported me from day one. I stayed focused on my goal and the hard work payed off.

If you’re considering becoming an Esthetician I say go for it! Stay focused, motivated and never forget your purpose. Get as much experience in this field as you can, take as many continuing education courses if you can and most importantly always take care of yourself. Being an Esthetician isn’t just a 9-5, it’s a lifestyle. YOU are a reflection of self care."


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