The Very Creative Ijeomalandartscapes LLC

Initially began as an art project in 2019, Ijeomalandartscapes LLC was formally established in 2021.

What drove Ijeomalandartscapes LLC to start their business:

"Art is life. It’s as simple as that. The process of creating and experiencing art in its many forms, styles, and dimensions is what I have admired the most. Throughout the years, I’ve shared several of my art creations with the world and have received a great amount of love and support. Through this experience is when I realized the impact my work brought into people’s lives. Then, Ijeomalandartscapes LLC was born. “Ijeoma” which speaks of the vision each piece delivers to the world, translates to "safe journey" or "the journey is well" in the Nigerian Igbo language."

What does your business mean to you personally:

"My art is my life. It is my story, my experience, my creativity, my mood, my thoughts, and my vibes! I don’t know where I would be without it in my life. To be able to share my journey with Ijeomalandartscapes with the world is one of the greatest gifts I'm blessed to receive, and I will continue to make you all proud!" Biggest Struggles When Having A Business :

"Juggling a business with life, work, interests, and other time-consuming projects can sometimes be a struggle. In life there are many challenges that get thrown our way, but the true test is how you respond to it when it comes. Through it all I remain grateful, blessed, and honored for all that I am today and the support I have received."

Biggest Accomplishment :

"Formally establishing my business this year in a pandemic is my biggest accomplishment to date, and because of it, 2021 will always be a memorable year for me. Secondly, I participated in my first pop up at Griffin Gardens Saturday Vendor Market this past weekend in Detroit, MI (my hometown). Yall go check out the beautiful garden and support small business owners! Stay connected on social media for information on future pop-ups with Ijeomalandartscapes! " What advice would you give to someone wanting to start their own business?

"Start small! It can be intimidating when starting out, but if you take it day by day you soon will reap the benefits. Also, if it wasn’t for you, you would not be doing it. Facts! "

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Social media handles

• @ijeomalandartscapes (IG) • @Stephanieonwenu (IG) • /ijeomalandartscapes (Facebook) • @ijeomalandartscapes (Tiktok)

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