Tatts by SelfMade Mook

"I started my business in February of this year. I loved to draw and I always wanted to start my mark on other peoples skin so it can live on."


"It means a lot to me because I always wanted to do tattoos growing up. Even as a kid I would always draw on myself & others. So I motivated myself to get into the tattooing industry.

When I first started I was pretty nervous. I didn’t know if I would be good but I started off on myself and it went well so I worked on others and they love my work. I’m self taught and I see more potential the more I work. I wanna become one of the greatest and one day open my own shop."

"My biggest struggle with what I do is I’m still learning how to work on my detailing when it comes to the tattoos because I’m self taught.

My advice to anyone that’s trying to start a business is to never give up even when things get hard don’t give up if it’s something your really striving for it will eventually work out in your favor."


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