"My business was established February 2020 right after I graduated from cosmetology school in January of 2020."


"I have been doing hair since I was in middle school. Since then I have heard and seen so many horror stories of people going to the salon and experiencing bad service. I wanted to get into the hair industry to give people that safe place to get their hair done and give them quality customer service. I personally love to have people feeling good about themselves. When you leave my chair I want you to leave feeling good about yourself on the inside and out. That there can have such a huge impact on a person and I love it."

"One of my biggest struggles is consistent marking so I can gain more clientele. When you have a lot going on sometimes it’s hard get on the phone and post constantly on social media. Sometimes it’s hard when you want to give yourself a mental break from social media and you’re in the process of building your newly business."

"One of my biggest accomplishments is becoming Licensed and obtaining an LLC. When COVID-19 hit, everything about my business was put on hold. During that time I was able to focus on my mental health and clear my head so that my ideas and creativity could follow. It was not easy but I made it happen. I’m officially licensed and a business owner."

"My advice to someone wanting to start their own business would be to remain patient. Sometimes things start off very slow but do not give up. Everything will happen when it’s meant for you. Don’t rush anything or do anything to put your business at risk, especially financially."

Who doesn't need a nice and neat protective style? And if youre going to get them done you mine as well go to the best! She is truley talented. If you want to show love and support you can view her webpage and social handels below.

Instagram Personal - Dess.iiee

Instagram Hair Page - styledbydessii

Facebook hair page - Dess

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