Sara J's Clay

This week we bring you a very unique and creative business. Handmade clay earrings:

"I started my Etsy shop in September of this year!

I started making clay earrings in February of 2021 when I discovered the Indigo Sands Instagram page and wanted to try out the craft! I really loved it but I was just making earrings for myself at the time. I made some for my friends and family for holidays but didn’t really consider selling them.

I started considering opening and Etsy when I kept getting asked about my earrings (because I would wear them in public) and if I had an Etsy shop. I had some serious inquiries about buying a pair so I decided I could turn my hobby into a small business!

My Etsy shop means a lot to me as I have always enjoyed arts and crafts and making items for others. So to be able to make something for others to wear, enjoy, and feel confident wearing is really special to me. My daytime job is totally different than this so being creative and have fun with it means a lot to me!"

-Sara J

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