Established April of 2021

"Passion and purpose drove me to start my business; With intuitive clarity, I was always able to see what to do next with my business and how to establish it. It means everything to me! ONE DIVINITY is quite literally me. It is everything that I love, that I am passionate about, and that I enjoy.


Running into obstacles with events, cooking comes with many obstacles as well are my biggest challenges. However I only see these struggles as opportunities to overcome! The launching of my business overall, every day that I continue to trust in my brand is my biggest accomplishment.

If you have no passion in what it is that you are doing, it is not enough. If there is no purpose in what you are doing, it will not hold longevity. Do not be afraid to put yourself and your creativity and what it is that you are doing. This is the only way you can attract and align with your ideal tribe and clientele! Original is best.

Also, treat your business with an organized schedule. Clock in, set goals, stay organized.."


++ Additional:

"I also have an event planning company @theaffaireventproduction ! It has been a beautiful journey of the two, and recently experiencing a collaboration between the two. Grateful :)"


Social Media Names

@officialonedivinity | @ciahjo | @theaffaireventproduction


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