Mr. & Mrs. Claus

It feels like Christmas in July!

Remember being a kid? Counting down the days till Christmas. The night before you would creep downstairs in a desperate attempt at catching the big man. You would make a list and circle which toys you wanted from the Sears catalog. You would leave out cookies and milk that your dad most likely devoured once you went to bed.

This past year has been strange due to the global pandemic. Holidays were not the same but there were still people out here who wanted to bring joy. This weeks feature is Mr. and Mrs. Claus, better known as Nathaniel and Kelly Mitchell.

During Covid-19 this lovely couple decided they wanted to bring joy to children during this gloomy period. A kind act that filled the hearts of so many children.

“We started in 2020. We wanted to bring happiness into the hearts of children if all ages. Last year was a COVID year so there was not a lot of business. The children that we did get to spend time with was magical.

Our goal is to spread love, hope and joy. The smiles and the excitement from the children and adults is priceless.” -Kelly Mitchell

Nathaniel(Mr.Claus) recalls meeting a young boy that was overjoyed to see him. Not only because he was Santa but because for the first time ever he saw a Santa that looked like him. Representation is very important. I couldn't imagine seeing a Mr. or Mrs. Claus that looks identical to me when i was growing up. With his authentic beard and Mrs. Claus joyful and merry presence they are guaranteed to bring you holiday cheer.

If you want to show support or hire this lovely couple for your next event you want contact them using the link below. Help the spread love and joy to everyone this Christmas!

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