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The term “struggling artist” is something we’ve all heard. Being an artist is something that takes not only skill but lots of time and patients. Simone Bryant however is one of those people that makes it look easy. With her amazing work ethic and authentic talent her business has been on the rise. Mones Art provides a number of products and services. Her clothing line is made up of the best material. Not only is it extremely comfortable but the different tie-dye patterns are very stylish. From hoodies, to crew necks, to crop tops, Mones Art has it all.

Mones Arts Plant Life Collection is more than just a nice fit. The concept behind it is something we should all live by. That concept is taking your time to grow. We often forget that great things take time and Mones Art is here to remind us of that.

Everyone who had a passion has a reason for why they fell in love with their craft. This is Simones story:

“I picked art making but I feel like it chose me. I have always loved it, connected to it and brought it to so many aspects of my life. I believe in all of us being creative souls, so expressing and sharing it with others will always be with me. I struggle with my mediums most right now. I am getting into designing clothes but nothing brings me peace, like holding a paintbrush. I don’t want to lose it, so I won’t. This brand, and art is important to me because it is reflecting me at this stage of life right now. The #Plantlife Collection reflects taking your own time to fucking grow. Not trying to quicken things up or rush process. As a artist I truly enjoy the process. In life there is no rule book to hardships, questions and insecurities. I am at a state of being aware of my own personal wisdom and growth and building my relationship with God. And as I continue to make art you all get to share that journey with me.

With Love, Mone”

This young woman has achieved so many things already. As a friend and business woman Simone has been such an inspiration to me. To see someone with so much love for what they do is truly a blessing. I know she will go on and continue to do great things. If you want to show support or check out her work you can follow her at:

Twitter: @monesartshop

Facebook: MonesArt

Instagram: @monesartshop


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