Kosmic Kay

This week I bring to you someone who is quite unique. Kosmic Kay is an Astrologist and Psychic. She provides a variety of services. From Tarot reading to Higher Self readings. Kosmic Kay can help you in your journey to becoming a better version of yourself.

When was your business established? -

"Kay Kosmic was birthed on July 1st 2021. I put a lot of thought into the creation of the individual I displayed to the collective."

What drove you to start your business? -

"Tarot reading or Tarot artistry is what I like to call it is a form of divination that’s always resonated with me and it’s a gift meant to share.

In turn it’s offered me clarity, guidance, reassurance and the ability to nurture myself, connect and do the same for other people. The drive came from my souls purpose in this lifetime, to be of service to my community, to inspire each other to think and feel and to discover our internal power and share perspectives, to be able to connect with others, not only at a spiritual perspective but at a soul level."

What it means to you personally? -

"I take every part of my performance personally and I utilize my being into my work, with my line of work I can’t really exclude or detach from any experience that I have, I am actively present and often share personal experiences from my life with my clients to connect with them energetically but emotionally."

Biggest struggles -

"I am a healer, that is still healing,

I am a teacher, this is also a student,

I am light being, that was born in darkness ,

I still am having my own human experience that allows space for me to grow . I still feel doubt, uncertainty and I have my own tower moments. I am only 26 years young, I do not have everything figured out."

Biggest accomplishments-

"My clients are absolutely amazingly beautiful spirits, I am honored to be of service. I am always excited to do events to connect with my community and other artists, with any collaborations that I have been apart of has been a major accomplishment and I am honored. "

Advice I’d give-

"To challenge your mind through positive stimulation,

Go where your loved and celebrated, not tolerated,

To choose to be better everyday through your conscience actions."

Instagram :

Facebook : Kosmic Kay

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