Gabrielle Grant

(-Professional Photographer)

When was your business established? :

"April 2021"

What drove you to start your business? :

"Growing up, my Nana had a bookshelf full of photo albums filled with photos of our family. In high school, my cousin Candice started taking pictures, and it gave me the idea to make a hobby out of it. I always loved how by capturing a moment in time, that very photo could tell you a story."

What it means to you personally? :

"It allowed me to visually show how I see life and what it looks like through my eyes. Growing up, I didn’t think I was considered “creative” because I could not draw or paint. My projects In any art course were TERRIBLE haha. So it allowed me to express myself in a way that I didn’t think I could. I love storytelling, so being able to do it visually always meant the most to me."

Your biggest struggles :

"Building the confidence to take that leap of faith and bet on my skills/talent. I didn’t always have the confidence I have now to just try anything I put my mind to. I use to put myself in a box, not allowing myself to just figure out what was the right fit for me."

Biggest accomplishments :

"Honestly so far , having a clientele. I lost my job in April of 2021 so instead of immediately applying for a new one, I decided to establish my hobby as a business and go towards the life I wouldn’t mind living everyday. So to not only do that but to also have people that want to work with me and like my creative direction feels huge."

Advice I’d give to someone wanting to start their own business :

"1. First figure out what you really are passionate about or wouldn’t mind doing everyday so it won’t feel like you're working hard for nothing.

2. Don’t try to rush the process, take your time finding out what business approach works for you. Everyone is different.

3. Do your own research and seek information from those who can teach you things you can carry along the way.

4. To any creative; be yourself and let your vibe flow throughout whatever project you’re making."

If you want to book Gabrielle follow her on instagram below

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