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"As black people we bring so much to fashion, music, food and the culture of today. And that should be celebrated just as much as other public brands and companies. I hope to create a space of community where people can find out about great places in Metro Detroit that are brought to you by us."


We live in a time where social media is very prominent. There are about 3.7 billion people around the world who use social media. That's about half of the entire population. That makes it the perfect place to market and advertise for entrepreneurs. So much that even 97% of Fortune 500 use social media platforms to promote their companies.

Just within Detroit alone there are more than 400 black owned businesses. Imagine how many more there could be with a population of 674,841 (2019). One of the top ten biggest struggles entrepreneurs face is marketing. With social media being a free platform to market and advertise you would think that's the easy part. Sometimes being talented or skilled in a trade can only take you so far. Exposure is very important when starting a business.

April of 2020 marked this nations loss of close to 41% of black owned businesses. The pandemic has created the fall of black owned businesses in 2020. With everything attempting to get back to normal this is the time to rise.

The only way for us to all grow is to support each other as a community. Its as simple as liking and sharing content produced by the business owner. Spending money is not the only way to show support. Many companies that are just starting need exposure more than anything. It is @detroitblackownedbusinesses goal to make that happen.

The images in this blog are some of the businesses that @detroitblackownedbusinesses has featured in their post; Such as hausofsy, Olive Mode, and detroit flower company. To keep up with all the amazing black owned businesses you can follow their page on instagram @detroitblackownedbusinesses !

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