"Established October 19th of 2019! Our Libra is almost 2!"


"We started this because we wanted to put concepts and designs we would usually be creating for big organizations in motion for our city. Together, our combined experience stretches from small business to government to NGO. We figure, if we can work and design on that level, we can use that energy to create something sustainable for and with our community. In this way, the love and care we put into the work are obvious and unlimited. We didn’t want to be confined to a box that only appeared helpful. We wanted to have the freedom to create with our city in a way that is actually going to support those around us. Our love for this city runs deep, and thus our effort and dedication do also."

"It means supporting our community while they work to support themselves and each other. Our biggest struggle was breaking into the ag-tech and agriculture community as a whole. Young Black women aren’t seen or respected in the field, and we want to make sure that people SEE us and KNOW we are a community powerhouse. Counting us out is the wrong bet. The way we designed Fennigan’s Farms makes it so that each accomplishment works in tandem with another to create this whole. So in that way, it’s hard to pick one thing that really was the BIGGEST accomplishment. If we had to, we’d say launching our tea co. (Leila & Claire Co.) was very special for us. We grow all of our herbs and create blends with rich flavors. Our tea co. is named in honor of our great grandmothers, who were also community farmers. We carry this legacy of community care now, so it just feels so right to carry on this work."

"Our advice? Go for it, and build a support system as you do. Stay true to who you are and are what it is that you want to offer, and the right people will come on to your path. It may seem scary now, but that’s because you haven’t started. Start it, stay true, and watch how it all comes together for you."

Additional knowledge:

"Fennigan’s Farms is a Black sister-owned farm and sustainable agricultural design team, based in Detroit. On our farm, we grow herbs, spices, and cut flowers for sale, and grow produce to distribute to the neighborhood, free of charge. Off the farm, we build gardens, greenhouses, farms, and markets for food sovereignty, and offer grower support with classes and consultations."

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Social Media Handles: @FennigansFarms on all platforms and (@LeilaandClaire on IG only)


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