Detroit Boujie Burgers

Detroit Boujie Burgers was established in February 2021

"What drove me to start Boujie burgers was a mixture of a perfect storm. It was the pandemic, my need to find something that I have a passion for, and so that I would be able to get my other business off the ground, which is making alternative milk and non dairy cheese sauce and Alfredo sauce."

"I have always wanted to open an all organic restaurant since I was a little girl and slowly I’m making my dreams come true! Personally, Detroit Boujie Burgers is more than a restaurant. I’m teaching people how to change their lifestyle by changing their diet. With the direct correlation between what you eat and your health, by elevating your tastebuds, you are able to shift your mindset, heal your body, and heal the earth. I have a passion for educating and advocating for my people, especially in the city of Detroit and by exposing them to Boujie Burgers, I pray that the positive intentions behind my food , brings peace to my people."

"Some of my biggest struggles were trying to do this during a pandemic, with no childcare for my children (so they come with me everywhere for my restaurant), and I had little to no support from my family unfortunately. That part I still struggle with almost daily, but in the end, I’m going it for the greater good of our community… Some of my greatest accomplishments is to see how excited and passionate my children ARE for Boujie Burgers. The small little wins of having a customer try something new or putting a smile on their face, or exposing them to something new, useful and sustainable, are the greatest for me."

"My biggest advice to someone looking to start their own brick and mortar/business is to stay encouraged, be prepared, and believe in yourself/your vision. If you can’t believe in your vision nobody will. And try not to be too hard on yourself. That’s a lesson that I’m still dealing with on a daily basis."

"I spent my entire life being chronically homeless and the pandemic is the first bit of stability I have gotten in a long time. With that being said, anyone that thinks that they cannot reach their dreams or attain their goals because of what’s going on outside of you, I want you to know that it ONLY matters what’s going on inside of you only. If God gives you the gift, and he gives you the vision, he will give you the tools as well. I am a firm believer in going after your dreams/passion/doing what makes you happy AND gets you paid and as long as there is positive intention behind it, the universe will guide you in the right direction." I can say first hand that Detroit Boujie Burgers is the most fresh, well cooked, best tasting burgers i've ever had! Check out her instagram and don't miss out on trying one of her burgers!

"Stay encouraged!!! Believe in yourself!! Don’t give up!! " -Asé, Arianna Harp (Owner of Detroit Boujie Burgers)

Instagram : detroit_boujieburgers

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