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The makeup industry has become so much more advanced in the past few years. Inventive minds all around have created such amazing high quality products. With these products being so high in demand there's an abundance of people and companies trying to get a piece of the profit. Although, trying to find those quality products for the right price can be a headache. Today i'm here to talk about just that, great quality for an affordable price. Ci Beauty Bar is one of a kind. This Lash company has the right style for anyone. From the natural look to the full face look Ci Beauty Bar will have what you need. Personally i have no idea how they make themselves look so flawless. What I do know is that a look isn't complete without lashes.

So many people today use makeup as a way to express themselves. A Lot of them started this fascination at a young age. This was the case for Cierra, the young woman who started and operates Ci Beauty Bar. When asked how it all started this is what she had to say:

"I got into business because ever since I was young I’ve absolutely loved the beauty industry. I grew up watching my mom and grandma do their lashes. One day when I was in 3rd or 4th grade I wanted to put on lashes while my mom was sleep. So I was playing in her make up and ended up glueing them on my eyelids upside down and they weren’t on the lash line so I just looked extra goofy. I began taking it serious when I was in the 11th grade and decided to try it out for myself. I started getting the hang of it and by 12th grade girls were asking me if I could do their lashes. So before class and in between classes girls would bring me their lashes and pay me to put them on them. Then it got to the point where girls were calling me outside of school for my services. Then, boom! By 2019 I started my business up rebranded it then by 2020 I officially started Ci Beauty Bar."

One of my favorite questions to ask young entrepreneurs is what their struggles and goals are. We often only see the success and not what it takes to get there. I think it's good to share the hard parts because there not often spoken on. It could help the next young entrepreneur push through the discouragement. Here are the struggles and goals of Ci Beauty Bar:

"The struggles I face as a business owner are more of a personal thing for me. I had to accept that there are ups and downs when you’re a business owner. One moment everything could be going great, multiple sales everyday. Then the downs of not having any sales some days. But it all comes down to marketing and how you push your brand. I had to learn that for myself and understand that just because the downs are not what you expect at that moment and you’re not making a sale at that moment doesn’t mean they don’t notice you. Just because you don’t get a ton of likes/comments on your business page Instagram doesn’t mean nobody notices. My goal is to get a storefront and start offering lash extension services that I can provide. Within 5 years I would love to have a official beauty bar that will be a full time day spa. And when I say day spa I mean offering massages, facials, lash services, hair services, brow services, a salt room for relaxation, a pools for therapeutic purposes. Eventually it’s going to be more than just lashes and makeup!"

So many great points were made. She talks about having perseverance when your business isn't producing the outcome you expected. I think that is so important to remember. Like she said its all about how you market yourself. If you keep putting your woke out there even when sales are down someone is going to notice your hard work. So lets not only give this ambitious woman a round of applause for her insight but as well as her hard work.

If you want to show support remember that even if you're not a lash kind of person you can still share, like, and comment to show love. If you're interested in purchasing products all social media is listed.

Instagram: Cibeautybar

Instagram: _Lashedbyci (my new lash extension the I’ve just created)

Facebook page: Ci Beauty Co

Personal: Cierrasierraa

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