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Health is so important. There is a vast amount of work outs and training you can do to stay fit. One of which is yoga, a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline. Using a combination of physical postures, meditation, and breathing techniques.

This weeks feature is Ta’Lisa Turner with ‘Big Booty Yoga With T’. A yoga instructor who has made the journey to start her own classes and teach others the wonders and benefits of yoga.

How it all got started:

“I’m passionate about yoga because I believe that everyone deserves to have access to practices that increase peace and mindfulness. I’m not a skinny girl and I was used to seeing thin, white yoga instructors and I wanted to be able to represent a different type of instructor so that other people who align/identify with me feel comfortable beginning their yoga journey.

I started practicing yoga in 2017, just as a way to move my body and relieve stress. I played with the idea of becoming an instructor but I had other priorities at the time. Last year, I started writing for my friends website. He’s a personal trainer and was looking to expand the services offered and when I told him I do yoga, he paid for my certification and asked me to join his team.

My ultimate goal is to have my own yoga studio in New York; I want to offer free classes twice a month for those who may not be able to pay. “ - Ta’Lisa Turner

Yoga seems like such a great way to stay relaxed and keeping your mind open. I have definitely been inspired to take more time to achieve peace. Join her next class to enjoy the benefits of meditation and relaxation.

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