"My business began 6 years ago when I decided to show my artwork to the world for the first time. I've been drawing all of my life but the artists around me and the creative spirit of New Orleans inspired to put my work out there for others to love as well.

At my first art show, the feedback about my work and also simple questions on if I have a business card made me think of the business aspect of Art. I feel into just want to keep create and also give to those who love my art. My art is a release and is my story. Ive gained a lot of confidence from just putting my work out there and even with creating certain pieces. Art that I create usually deals with a knowledge, belief, or feeling that I'm learning and living through. Most pieces have stories behind the painting or lesson lived and learned.

My biggest art and business struggle is sometimes staying consistent. My creativity tends to grow and shrink altogether or in certain areas. Outside of canvas I love creating other things such as lighters, wine glasses, and now I'm getting into other creative designs such as epoxy work for ashtrays. I love creating but sometimes there is a creative block that keeps me from even completing a painting. However, I'm learning to not be hard on myself and to just let my creative spirit flow.

My biggest accomplishment for me right now is being able to expand my art outside of just one city and the canvas. I started my art and paint classes in New Orleans but brought it to Detroit to continue. I hope to expand past these two cities soon! I just feel super accomplishment when I'm doing different things that I like to do together.

Advice to someone starting their own business: don't be afraid to start. Visualize what you want then create! You don't have to have everything in the world or perfect to begin. Everything will grow in time, especially with all of the unseen blessings. As long as their is always effort being put into your vision, you will see results."


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